Away from Manhattan Dorado Blanco "Benji"


  • Born: 4th June 2012
  • Owner: Klára Zahrádková, Mladá Boleslav - Czech


Gallery and news:


Real retriever Benji :-D



Benji loves swimming like his mother :-)


Time to time Benji participate on dog shows. He and his owner Klara, they look really great together! :-)


Benji had a premiere on dog show in Brno in puppy class. I am happy to say that he felt comfortable in a hall, he was not stressed by noise, people, dogs..... nothing :-) In the ring he showed his big temperament! Judge liked him very much and Benji got very promissing with very nice judging! I am very happy :-)



Benji (7 months) came to me for trimming before planned dog show in Brno. We also trained together a little bit for the ring and I must say: it was not easy at all :-)



Benji in 6 months


Benji has a wonderful look-out :-)


                      Finally there is a present        Banji opens it himslef :-)            Big hug and thanks :-)



Benji is guarding Christmas tree to don't miss the presents. It is very grueling  :-)


  Benji in the day of his 6 months "birthday" :-) He is wonderful boy!

Benji in 2,5 months looks really like a big boy :-) His owner Klára is very happy about him and they will start to visit dog school when Benji is three months old

Training for dog shows! Very well done :-)

Benji 8 weeks - getting to know a new home :-)