Away from Memphis Dorado Blanco "Memfis"


  • Born: 4th June 2012
  • Owner: Heidi Karves, Karvin kennel - Finland


4/2014 Memphis in 22 months

I got wonderful photo of Memphis from Finland. He is stunning!!! I am so proud of him! :-)


1/2013 - Memphis working

Memphis is very good in working already in his young age! :-)


1/2013 - Memphis in age of 7 months

Memphis in Finland's wonderful winter!


10/2012 - Memphis and his friends

Memphis (4,5 months) and his friends :-)


There is a snow in Finland already :-) Memphis enjoyes it very much :-)

Memphis (4,5 months) and his friend Goldie :-)


10/2012 - Memphis training

Memphis in his four months :-) Wonderful standard standing, Heidi is real professional! :-)

We are also getting photos from Finland from Karvin Kennel. Heidi is very happy about Memphis, he likes to retrieve and he has a great temperament.

Memphis is in 14 weeks a little bit longlegged :-) But he is really wonderful boy!!!

Memphis in two months before his departure to Finland :-)