Away from Portland Dorado Blanco "Andy"


  • Born: 4th June 2012
  • Owner: Veronika Olbrichová, Bašť - Czech
Gallery and news:

I see Andy the most often from all "A" litter. He lives close to our house and walks around every day. He are some photos when Andy was 16 months old.


On 3rd of March 2013 Andy passed his first exhibition experience in DUOCACIB Brno. It was not easy to calm down his temperament in the ring, but I think we made it well :-) Andy got very nice judgement and got very promissing :-)


Andy (7,5 months) was on his first trimming and he looks nice like this:



Andy (7 months) walked with us on the snow-covered field and he enjoyed it very much :-D


Sofi and Andy playing on the snow :-)


Andy and Sofi met each other on walk (7 months)

Andy (7 months)


Andy training for a show (7 months). Well done!!! In Brno DUOCACIB it will be Andy's premiere :-)


Andy on his garden. He is already big boy :-)


Andy with his friend Sam :-)



 Andy with his mohter Meggie :-)


 Andy becomes to be a big boy with very hairy coat :-)


Andy in 16 weeks :-)

Andy is visiting training school for retrievers since his two months, like his sister Sofie :-) Andy is very clever boy!