News 2018


10. - 11.2.2018 - DUOCACIB Nitra (SK)

Just one week after successful show in Brno, me and Ginny participated on another dog show, this time in Slovakian Nitra. There was a strong competition of 12 bitches in junior class. Ginny was self confident in the ring and I am very happy aslo about her movement, I love the way she presents herself! :-)

Ginny got nice judgement for both days. First day she was placed on 4th place with Excellent, second day she was shortlisted and got Excellent. I am proud of my girl :-)


There was also Ginny´s half-sester on the show Melody. She was entered in champion class for both days and both days she got the same super results - CAC and res CACIB! Melody becomes expectant of Slovakian champion :-)

Also son of my Rocky - Ravel Misantos had wonderful success on the show. First day he was placed 3rd, second day he was placed 2nd with titles res CAC and res CACIB!

Enjoy the Life Dorado Blanco "Melody"                         Ravel Misantos "Harry"               


5.2.2018 - Zarja successfully passed Dogdancing examination 

I am very happy that Zarja started 2nd level of Dogdancing tests with such success! We passed DWD2 with Excellent!


3.2.2018 - DUOCACIB Brno (CZ)

Big day for my Ginny! First time on big show and first time in the hall. I was curious how she will like it and will accept the noisy atmosphere. I was very happy that she adopted in the hall very quickly and presented herself in the ring very well! Finally she was placed 2nd from 12 bitches in junior class! I am so proud!!! 

Ginger Dorado Blanco - 13 months



27.1.2018 - Vio has 3rd birthday

Our Violetta, Ice Fredina Agi, celebrated 3rd birthday. Happy birthday :-) We love you so much!!

Picture of Vio when she become member of our family:


27.1.2018 - Dog dancing traning

After Zarja become Master of Dogdancing of first level, we start training for 2nd level of Dogdancing! We are going to participate on DWD2 very soon :-)


20.1.2018 - Super health results of Easy´s daughter

I got nice message about health results of Easy´s daughter just one day after he passed away. Alisa Aurea Sidera has HD A/A, ED 0/0!


19.1.2018 - R.I.P. dear Easy

On Friday 19th of January 2018 my Easy suddenly passed away and crossed the rainbow bridge. Our hearts are broken.

Right Hunter Show Leader "Easy", 17.4.2015 - 19.1.2018



13.1.2018 - Show success of Dorado Blanco

Enjoy the Life Dorado Blanco "Melody" becomes expectant of VDH champion!

Frappuccino Dorado Blanco "Charlie" becomes expectant of Czech champion!

Enjoy the Life Dorado Blanco "Melody" - Exc1, Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH

Frappuccino Dorado Blanco "Charlie" - Exc1 CAC



1.1.2018 - New year in Dorado Blanco kennel :)

Year 2017 was year to remember!!!

1/2017 - Sofinka obtained titel BOB in national show in Brno and BIG 5 v FCI VIII. in afternoons competition

2/2017Ginger Dorado Blanco - Ginny, sweet daughter of Rocky and Zarja stays at

3/2017 - Zarja recoveredafter maternity holiday and passed dogdancing MD1 on Excellent!

4/2017 - Easy and hisunforgettable success !!! In Prague dog show he got titles: CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG1 a BOD a second day res BIS!!! Soon after this success he achieved another amazing success in Ceske Budejovice and got another titles CAC, CACIB a BOB, finally also BIG2!!! Easy also passed club field trial tests!

4/2017 - Melody - Enjoy the Life Dorado Blanco becomes Junior champion of Czech!

5/2017 - Easy passedautumn fiel trial tests and becomes Czech champion

5/2017 - Litter CH was born to my Sofie :)

6/2017 - Easy got titles CAC, CACIB, BOB a BIG1!!! in Croatioan dog show

6/2017 - super health results of litter F: Frappuccino Dorado Blanco a Forest Gump Dorado Blanco both: HD A/A, ED 0/0!

8/2017 - Ginny passed breeding working tests!

8/2017 - Forest Gump Dorado Blanco - Amigo got title CAC in Mlada Boleslav dog show and becomes Czech Junior champion!

9/2017Zarja passedfield trial tests and becomes Czech champion! Soon she had great succes in Slovakian dog show and becomes also Slovakian champion!

9/2017 - Frappuccino Dorado Blanco - got his third CAJC and becomes Czech junior champion! 

11/2017 - Zarja had wonderful success in World Dog Show in Germany! In strong competition of champion class she was on 3rd place!!

11/2017 - Zarja reached title Master of Dog Dancing 1. level!!

11/2017 - Coca-Cola Dorado Blanco - passed field trial tests with title CACT!

12/2017 - Ginny has super health results HD A/A, ED 0/0 a OCD negative!

Last year I got very sad message. Away from Atlanta Dorado Blanco crossed the rainbow bridge due to very aggresive cancer. I will never forget you, sweet Týna. R.I.P.