Away from Richmond Dorado Blanco "Ray"


  • Born: 4th of June 2012
  • Owner: Zdeňka Kučírková, ČR - Žďár nad Sázavou
 News and gallery:

 12/2013 - Ray walking in fairy-tale nature :-)



8/2013 - Ray passed autumn hunting exam and was placed second from 18 dogs. Big congratulations :-)



6/2013 - Ray training in dog holiday camp in Leština

Ray and Zdena were really great couple! They will participate in hunting examination soon :-)


2/2013 - DUOCACIB Brno

Ray achieved a great success on his show premiere in DUOCACIB Brno! On Saturday he got a judgement very promissing 3 and on Sunday, in big competition, he was the winner :-) Congratulations Zdeňka, you are very nice couple and it is really sweet to watch you together! :-)


We have got new photos of Ray in age of 6-7 months. I am very happy to see him, he grew into a wonderful strong boy! I can see from the photos how he is happy!!!

Ray on inspection round in the forest


When Ray is not in hunting ground, he is watching TV :-)

Ray in the snow :-)

We have got new photos from Ždár nad Sázavou :-) Thank you very much for these wonderful pictures! Ray is a big and wonderful boy!

Ray training with a dug. He lives in hunting family so training is really necessary :-)

Ray is training with Zdeňka for shows :-) Very well done!!

Ray in his new home :-)

Ray and his friend Arnold

Ray travelling to new home :-)

Last photos of Ray we have from time when he was still at our home, in 8 weeks of age. We don't have any new photos, but we are in touch with new owners of Ray by a phone :-) They are very happy about him :-) When we will drive close to Žďár, we will visit them!