Away from Santiago Dorado Blanco "Sanchez"


  • Born: 4th June 2012
  • Owner: Andrea Rochman - Germany
Gallery and news:

When Sanchez was one year old, he moved to new owners Andrea and Claus who love him very much. He has wonderful life with them! Thank you Andrea and Claus for that!


Sanchez (8 months) is wonderful whatever he does!


I love this look!


Sanchez (8 months) and his friends 


Sanchez (7 months) training :-)


Sanchez (7 months) and his lovely head !


Sanchez alias heartbreaker :-)


Sanchez part of wonderful PF 2013 :-)


Sanchez (6 months) and his charming expression!!!


Three days after reaching age of 6 months, Sanchez participated in dog show already in puppy class. This show was in Switzerland with big competition. Sanchez was on the 4th place and we are very happy about this fantastic result as Sanchez was the youngest in the ring. Congratulations Susa :-)



Sanchez wants to be prepared for Xmas :-)


Sanchez and his first snow :-)


Where is Sanchez? ;-)

Sanchez in 4,5 months and his new wonderful photos! He is lovely whatever he is doing :-)

Sanchez (4,5 months) retrievs everything, even an apple ;-)

 I love this face!!! (4,5 months)

Sanchez on his first dog show :-) Big congratulations Susanne!!!!

Charity Work and Show - DRC - Villingendorf 7.10.2012, Judge: Monique Legrand - France

Sanchez (4 months) training with animals :-)

Sanchez alias Flopy in 16 weeks :-)

Sanchez in 2,5 months. He is already so big that he can touch the table without any problems :-)

Sanchez preparing for show career!

Sanchez training with dummy :-)

Sanchez 8 weeks - in his new home in Germany :-)