JCh CZ, PL, Ch CZ - Right Hunter Show Leader "Easy"

17.4.2015 - 19.1.2018


Easy left suddenly on Friday 19th of January 2018. It is very hard for all of us. Easy was very special to me. He learned me so much, we had many amazing adventures together and we achieved so many successes! Easy was very temperament dog, he was everywhere the first, he was owner of all toys and always welcomed me with knot in his mouth... now it is in the middle of the garden not touched by any of my dogs. Easy, I miss you so much!!! Thank you for everything! I will never forget!




  • Born: 17. April 2015
  • Teeth: scissor bite, 1x no P4
  • High: 57cm
  • HD/ED: A/A, 0/0, OCD shoulders neg.
  • Health: PRA1 clear, PRA2 carrier
  • Breeder: Natalia Rozhkova
  • Owner: Lenka Nokič


Dog Shows (baby, puppy and junior class):


3x VP1, BIS BABY 3 (puppy class)
7x Exc1, 2x Exc2, 1x Exc3, 1x Exc4
7x CAJC, 1x KVM,
5x BOJ
1x BOB


Dog Shows (intermediate, open, working, champion):


expectant of Croatian champion, expectant of C.I.B and C.I.E.

5x CAC, 5x res CAC
2x res CACIB
4x BOB
2x BIG1, 1x BIG2
1x BOD, 1x res BIS!!!


Year 2016

Date  Show place Class Results
01/2016           MVP Nitra (SK) puppy VP1 (3) 
01/2016  MVP Nitra (SK)                     junior              EXC2 (2) 
02/2016  DUOCACIB Brno junior EXC1 CAJC (10), BOJ                
02/2016 DUOCACIB Brno junior EXC4 (5)
03/2016 MVP Zielona Gora (PL) junior EXC1 CAJC (6)
04/2016 NV Wroclaw (PL) junior EXC1 CAJC (1)
04/2016 MVP Praha junior EXC3 (6)
05/2016 Klubová výstava Humpolec    junior EXC2 (7)
05/2016 Klubová výstava Humpolec    junior EXC1 CAJC (7), KVM, BOJ
05/2016 MVP Litoměřice junior EXC1 CAJC, BOJ, BOB
06/2016 NV Klatovy junior EXC1 CAJC (4), BOJ
08/2016 MVP Mladá Boleslav junior EXC3
08/2016 Klubová výstava Třeboň intermediate EXC1 CAC
10/2016 NV Rybnik (PL) junior EXC4
10/2016 NV Rybnik (PL) junior EXC1 CAJC, BOJ
11/2016 DUOCACIB Bratislava (SK) intermediate EXC2 res CAC
11/2016 DUOCACIB Bratislava (SK) intermadiate EXC2 res CAC


Year 2017

Date   Show place Class Results
01/2017           NV Brno intermediate EXC2 res CAC 
04/2017  DUOCACIB Bratislava (SK)      intermediate   EXC2 res CAC (5), res CACIB 
04/2017  DUOCACIB Bratislava (SK) intermediate EXC2 res CAC                           
04/2017 MVP Praha intermediate EXC1 CAC (6), CACIB, BOB, BIG1
Best of Day, res Best in Show!
04/2017 MVP České Budějovice open EXC1 CAC (5), CACIB, BOB, BIG2
04/2017 NV Jelenia Gora (PL) open EXC2 (4)
06/2017 DUOCACIB Umag (HR)  open EXC1 CAC (4), res CACIB
06/2017 DUOCACIB Umag (HR)  open EXC1 CAC (4), CACIB, BOB, BIG1
07/2017 NV Klatovy pracovní EXC3 (4)


Working Test:

5/2016 - Retriever ability exam, 195/232 points
4/2017 - Field trial Sloveč, II. prize, 127/172 points
5/2017 - KCHLS Club field trial Kunžak, II. prize 184/232 points



K9 data here

European Junior Winner 2012, C.I.B., C.I.E., Multi Junior Ch, Ch Rus, Bel, Ukr, Lat, Mold, Bul

Zampanzar Hemingway Daiquiri

Ch Spain, Port, Gib
Zampanzar Step By Step
Erinderry Gaelic Minstrel
Samsara of Glen Sheallag

Ch Spain
Zampanzar First Time

Twenty Seven Charm du Domaine des Rives de l'Erdre
Prime Time of Glen Shellag


Gold Totem Bisquit Cake

Multi JCh, MultiCh, InterCh, Ch Rus, Bel, Ukr, Lit, Lat, Srb, Mac, Gruz, Mold, Bul, Mont
Aragon Iz Doliny Solnca

Christopher du Bois de la Rayere
Allegra Moe Sakrovische

C.I.E., Grand Ch Rus, Ch Bul, Mold, Balkan 
Shakti Iz Stolitsy Urala

All My Dream in Famous Family
Dolce For Ural Evidog




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