Ch SK, Ch CZ, Morgiana Misantos "Meggie"

Meggie is a female Angel with a Devil's coat on. At the first sight she appears to be very calm, she is very friendly to people and dogs. She always wants to be caressed, fondled and rubbed and has always the feeling that she is not close enough to us, so she always gets closer and closer. Even if she’d be on our heads, it still would not be close enough in her eyes. And then there is the other side of Meggie, when she is very high-spirited and predatory; she always needs to be the first, her movement development clearly skips the phase of walk and trot and starts straight from the sprint. She has the unique willingness for work, retrieving, snooping, tracing etc. and she is really good at it :-) She loves a water and swimming and she can, she would become a dug.

Meggie also excels in exterior, she has a very strong pigment! She has a strong frame, very nice head, nice front and rearangulation, and another big advantage, which is that Meggie is always covered in a coat. She has a beautiful furry coat, and even when she completely molts, she still has a beautiful furry coat :-)


  • Narozena: 10th May, 2010
  • HD, ED: A/A, 0/0
  • Eyes: PRA1+2 clear
  • Breeder: Antonín Míšek
  • Owner: Lenka Nokič

Dog Shows (baby, puppy and junior class):

V1 Jung. Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH, V2 Jung. Res.Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH,
2x VN1, 2x VN2, 1x VN3, 1x VN4, 1x V, 1x V2, 2x V3


Dog Shows (intermediate, open, working class):

CHAMPION OF SLOVAKIA, CHAMPION OF CZECH, expectant of German VDH champion, expectant of Interchampion

1x CACIB, 4x CAC, 4x res. CAC, V1 Anw. D. Ch. VDH, V2 Res Anw. D. Ch. VDH
1x V2, 4x V3, 1x V4, 1x VD3

Working Test:


28.05.2011 - Retriever ability exam 232/232 bodů
Prokop's Cup 1st, Junior class 75/100 points
10.09.2011 - Autumn hunting exam 165/188 points, III. prize
09.10.2011 - Autumn hunting exam 188/188 points, I. prize, CACT, test winner
08.09.2012 - Autumn hunting exam 171/188 points, I. prize
13.10.2012 - North Bohemia Derby, Autumn hunting exam 171/188 points, I. prize, res.CACT
14.10.2012 - North Bohemia Derby, Water hunting exam 120/136 points, II. prize
22.-23.6.2013 - DERBY ČR 2013, 155/204 points, III. prize
06.-07.7.2013 - Derby, Autumn hunting exam 188/188 bodů, I. prize, CACT, vítěz zkoušek
                         Derby, Water hunting exam 127/136, I. prize, res.CACT, 2.místo Derby
13.-14.7.2013 - Universal hunting exam, President Cup, 348/364, I. prize, res.CACT, 5th place VZPR
28.-29.6.2014 - DERBY ČR 2014 (ZPR), 195/204 points, I.prize
10.-11.10.2015 - Club two days hunting test: ZPR, III.prize


K9 data here

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