Something about us


Our kennel was established in 2010.

First member of our kennel became little golden bear called Coren Zlatá kudrnka. We brought him home in summer 2009. Cory came to our home in order to cheer up our family in hard times which we had with our youngest daughter. Now we need to say that Cory made happy every member of our family and he helped us very much.

During first year we realised that Cory is not only a pet, but very clever dog, very successful on training and last but not least very beautiful dog with big success on dog shows, which we never dreamed of!

And falling in love with golden retrievers we brought a new member into our kennel. This time baby girl Meggie (Morgiana Misantos), one year later our first imported dog of Spanish & English blood Rocky (Bonett Bride to Dorado Blanco) who has become succesful stud dog and significantly influenced golden retriever breed in Czech republic. In course of time another goldens came to our family, unfortunately two of them passed away in very young age. This time we have five golden retreivers. They are members of our family, living at home with us and having full garden for themselves, which is properly destroyed already, but their happines worth it.

In our kennel we bred already few puppies. Usualy we have puppies only once a year and their future owners must wait for them several months. Our puppies have lovely temperament, great health results and amazig successes on dog shows and field trial. Until now we get wonderful photos of retreievers bred by us in the past. We are very happy to see that our puppies bring love and happiness to their families. This make us feel that the way we go, is the right one.