Litter "D"

On 10th of April 2015 were born 6 boys and 3 girls to Irby & Meggie



           Dancing Queen "Kvinka"                            Daiquiri "Kira"                                 Dolce Vita "Amy"


                Da Vinci "Oslo"                                     D'Artagnan "Archi"                           Davis Cup "Davi"


             Discovery "Seppo"                                  Disney World "Monty"                         Dollar "Dasty"






  CH CZ, CH SK, Morgiana Misantos "U" (Meggie)

  • Narozena 10.5.2010
  • HD A/A, ED 0/0


  CH CZ Egoiste du Bois de la Rayere (Irby)

  • Narozený: 20.3.2009
  • HD 0/0, ED 0/0





Puppies     Born       1 week     2 weeks    3 weeks    4 weeks    5 weeks   6 weeks    7 weeks 
Red girl  375g  705g  1105g  1600g  2470g  3350g  4510g  5300g
Blue boy  385g  740g   1040g  1440g  2440g  3330g  4590g  5800g
Green boy  360g  695g   1020g  1450g  2570g  3590g  5020g  6200g
Yellow girl 350g  695g   1065g  1690g  2690g  3610g  4720g  5800g
Silver boy  355g  770g   1150g  1540g  2670g  3670g  5120g  6100g
Pink girl 390g  655g   1075g  1480g  2470g  3390g  4670g  5600g
Orange boy   360g  655g   1120g  1450g  2410g  3320g  4650g  5600g
Violet boy 440g  800g   1150g  1600g  2670g  3660g  5010g  5700g
Braun boy      415g  790g   1120g  1495g  2540g  3630g  5110g  6400g





Ch CZ, Egoiste du Bois de la Rayere

CH FR, CH Lux O'Connor du Bois de la Rayere

Beeangee Jumping Jack Flash

L'Eau D'Issey du Bois de la Ryere

CH FR Versace du Bois de la Rayere

Twenty Seven Charm du Domaine des Rives de l'Erdre
Tommy Girl du Bois de la Rayere


Ch CZ, Ch SK, Morgiana Misantos "U"


JCh CZ, Ch CZ, GrandCh, Ch VDH
Cheek to Cheek Don Quijote de la Mancha
Mitcharron Love Bug
Cheek to Cheek Vodka Tonic

Brenda of Dream Team

Karvin Zaicca
Ordoghegyi Berni Eni Tara


6.6.2015 - Other two puppies left

On Saturday other two puppies left. Now we have only two girl who stay with us another week.

Today we said goodbye to blue boy Discovery. He will live in Prag. His owners are one from Czech and one from Finland. Therefore Discovery got the favourite Finnish name Seppo :-)


Also D'Artagnan, braun boy left today. He will live in Brno. His family just moved to a new house so everything will be new for all of them :-)  Pet name of D'Artagnan will be Archie.



02.06.2015 - Some puppies are leaving


First leaving puppy was violet boy Disney World. He will live with three kids and their parents in small with big garden close to Frydek Mistek. his name will be Monty.


Second leaving puppy was Davis Cup, puppy with silver colour. He will live in Sušice. His family used his pedigree name and they will call him Davi:-)


The third one was leaving Da Vinci, boy with orange colour. Da Vinci will live in Prag. His owners are French living in Czech for 2,5 years. They have experiences with dogs from the past. Before they decided to take puppy from us, they visited dog shelters to walk with dogs. Da Vinci got very original name.... they will call him Oslo :-)



Fourth puppy who left is boy with green colour Dollar, the only white male in our litter. Dollar is leaving to boyfriend of my colleague. His family lost a golden retriever Aaron in 14 years of age, it is not long time ago. Dollar will live in Benesov and his pet name will be Dasty.


Last puppy who left until today is Daiquiri, girl with yellow colour. She moved to Rohanov close to Prachatice. Her friend will be two cats Monty and Ellinka. Owners of Daiquiri had a labrador bitch who left in 14 years. Daquiri will be caled Kira, which is short cut from the end of her official name.


Four puppies stay with us for this moment. They will leave during 8 - 9 weeks of age. I am happy that they don't leave all together.



29.5.2015 - New photos in 7 weeks of age

On Friday I decided to make new photos. I didn't have any idea before, how hard work it will be. Puppies were attacking not only my camera, but also my hair, neck, clothing and one of them has almost eaten my earring!



27.5.2015 - Vaccination

Today vet arrived to our home to give to our puppies vaccination and chip. Some puppies even have not realised that vet made something with them :-)


22.5.2015 - First standard pictures in 6 weeks


Dancing Queen Dorado Blanco "Kvinka" - red girl


Discovery Dorado Blanco "Seppo" - blue boy


 Dollar Dorado Blanco "Dasty" - green boy


Daiquiri Dorado Blanco "Kira" - yellow girl


Davis Cup Dorado Blanco "Davi" - silver boy


Dolce Vita Dorado Blanco "Amy" - pink girl


Da Vinci Dorado Blanco - orange boy


Disney World Dorado Blanco "Monty" - violet boy


D'Artagnan Dorado Blanco "Archie" - braun boy




17.5.2015 - Wonderful photos of our "D" puppies:

This was a wonderful weekend when my friend Magda came to make a barbecue party on our garden. Magda loves to make photos of dogs and she spent a lot of time lying in the puppies area and made many many wonderful photos!!!

Her speciality is to make photo of puppies sleeping in line :-) It was nothing easy, but we did it !!!! Thank you Magda for all these amazing photos:


It was very hard to choose only few photos, but here they are:


And here with great mother... my love Meggie:



15.5.2015 - 5 weeks of age:

Puppies grow so fast! All of them instead of orange boy, are reserved.

I love them so much, there are very clever, very active and smart :-)


Dancing Queen Dorado Blanco "Kvinka" - red girl:


Discovery Dorado Blanco "Seppo" - blue boy:


Dollar Dorado Blanco "Dasty" - green boy:


Daiquiri Dorado Blanco "Kira" - yellow girl:


Davis Cup Dorado Blanco "Davi" - silver boy:


Dolce Vita Dorado Blanco "Amy" - pink girl:


Da Vinci Dorado Blanco - orange boy:


Disney World Dorado Blanco "Monty" - violet boy:


D'Artagnan Dorado Blanco "Archie" - braun boy:



8.5.2015 - Puppies are 4 weeks old:

I can not believe we are in the middle of time spending together!!

This weekend we had many visitors... new owners of pupies came to see them. We enjoyed that very much and puppies as well! I am happy that they will have so lovely new families!

We also have a new puppy.... actually, it is puppy of my older daughter. But she has chosen different breed and the new member of our family is collie rough / blue merle colour. She is 3 months old and love puppies very much. She is taking care of them and behaves to them very gentle :-)


Here I made photos of each puppy separately :-)


Dancing Queen - red girl:


Discovery - blue boy:


Dollar - green boy:


Daiquiri - yellow girl:


Davis Cup - silver boy:


Dolce Vita - pink girl:


Da Vinci - orange boy:


Disney World - violet boy:


D'Artagnan - braun boy:


4.5.2015 - First time outside (3 weeks 3 days)


1.5.2015 - Puppies starting eat real food :-)




After :-)


26.4.2015 - Puppies are 16 days old


19.4.2015 - Puppies have names

These are names of our puppies :-)

Boys are: Da Vinci, D'Artagnan, Davis Cup, Discovery, Disney World, Dollar
Girls are: Daiquiri, Dancing Queen, Dolce Vita


15.4.2015 - We have new colour markers :-)



12.4.2015 - Puppies are 2 days old :-)

I made new photos of each puppy separately :-)


silver boy


yellow girl


green boy


orange boy


blue boy


pink girl


red girl


violet boy


braun boy




10.4.2015 - Puppies are born!!!!

Birth started at 00:15 and last puppy was born on 8:50, after this long night Meggie gave birth to 6 boys and 3 girld :-)






1.4.2015 - Meggie 54th day of pregnancy

Birth box is ready.... :-)



7.3.2015 - Pregnant Meggie :-)

I made some new photos of pregnant Meggie :-) She looks so lovely and happy :-)


Ch CZ & SK Morgiana Misantos "U"



2.3.2015 - Pregnancy confirmed :-)