News 2020



4.10.2020 - Club show KCHLS Džbán Praha


Dumbledore Maybe Angels, Exc 2, res CAC

3.10.2020 - International dog show České Budějovice

Dumbledore Maybe Angels, Exc 2, res CAC


24. - 28.9.2020 - Another amaizing dog training

We were lucky that we could have joined another four days with dog training in Leština. Dobby and Ginny did very well!


25.9.2020 - New healty results of Dobby

Yesterday we visited eye specialist and made the test for eyes deseases and the result is Clear!!

On top of that I received another tests and I am so happy:

PRA 1, PRA 2, PRA-prcd - clear
GRMD Xn/Y - clear
ICT-A - clear 




15.9.2020 - Swimming

Rocky enjoyed swimming in new lake we just found out close to our house:


13.9.2020 - Club show RK - Pink show 2020

Volente Deo Princess and the Pea "Zarja" - V1 CAC, CC


Dumbledore Maybe Angels "Dobby" - V1 CAC, CC, Pink Show Winner, BOS!!!




Enjoy the Life Dorado Blanco "Melody" - V1, BOB, BEST IN SHOW!




Frappuccino Dorado Blanco "Charlie" - V1, CAC, CC, VT, BIS3


13.9.2020 - Mine and Zarja´s dogdancing performance

Me and Zarja were invited to show our dogdancing performance on retriever club show. We enjoyed that very much!

Here is the video:



5.9.2020 - Training in Vysočina

We keep on training to dont forget what we have built last week in Leština.





and here together:


29.8.2020 - Club show in Humpolec

Directly after one week of training I took Dobby for dog show. Without bath, no grooming and tired. But Dobby was amazing, we enjoyed the show a lot and got 4th place with very nice judgement :)


22. - 29.8.2020 - Dog training week in Leština

As every year, also this time we spent amazing week in South Bohemia and trained for hunting field trial with our Ginny and Dobby. They were both absolutely great.





Zarja was in Lestina with us, enjoying the nature and our trips with us after training. 


And I enjoyed one competition with Zarja´s daughter Melody. We were placed 7th from 40 dogs :)


24.8.2020 - Rocky and Fler have puppies

One boy and five girls were born to Rocky and Fler in kennel Krasna Lukrecia. 


8.-15.8.2020 - We spent a lovely week in Croatia

Dobby and Česinka in Karlovac:



Plitvice lakes:


And finally in Poreč:



26.7.2020 - All puppies from litter K are in their new homes

We will miss them a lot!


27.6.2020 - Our trip to Teplice

With Dobby and Česinka


24.6.2020 - Dobby stud dog oficially


8.6.2020 - Birthday party

Finally we can celebrate! 

16.5. Rocky - 9 years
4.6. Sofie - 8 years
7.6. Zarja - 7 years


7.6.2020 - Not the best birthday celebration

Zarja should have celebrated 7th birthday today, but instead of that she got lost. It was one of the worst moments. We found her few hours later dirty and tired, but healthy and happy that she was found.


4.6.2020 - Litter "A " Birthday

Puppies of Litter A have become to be a veterans. They are 8 years old now.

Unbelievable...eight years... our first litter in our kennel. It´s 8 years ago I first felt what´s to be the breeder. It´s not about cuddling the puppies only, but also about hard work, taking care of mom and babies, a lot of considering who new owner would become. Being a breeder is big responsibility... Respect to all my friends breeders!

Away from Sophia Dorado Blanco "Sofinka"


Away from Manhattan Dorado Blanco - Benji


Away from Portland Dorado Blanco - Andy


Away from Santiago Dorado Blanco "Sanchez"


25.05. 2020 - Frappuccino Dorado Blanco - winner of KCHLS 

Frappuccino Dorado Blanco was honored by winning MOUNTFIELD CUP 2019 of KCHLS.
Congratulation to Mrs. and Mr. Kaiml, Charlie´s owners and many thanks to all the love and care they give to Charlie. So proud of them!


28.05. 2020 - We have puppies! Litter "K"

7 great puppies was born on Thursday May the 28th. More info in "Puppies"


25.05.2020 - Giny´s belly

Getting ready for puppies...


20.05.2020 - Trip to Tiské Skály

Meggie and Česinka enjoyed the trip in Czech.


16.05.2020 - Rocky´s B-Day

Rocky: our unbelievable laid-back guy Bonett Bride to Dorado Blanco celebrated his 9th birthday. He´s still cool and calm and so nice... Just pure Golden Retriever.

15.05.2020 - Mother-to-be Ginny taking picture in clover

Nice clover field and beuatifull colour. This picture had to be taken.

10.05.2020 - Meggie celebrates 10 years

Our wonderfull granny Meggie (Morgiana Misantos) just enjoyed her 10th anniversary with nice walk in the park and swimming in the river. She got the plush duck as a gift because the duck is the best :-)

26.4.2020 - B-days celebrations of Dorado Blanco Litters

Three litters were born in April. So, we there is time to celebrate!
Litter D celebrated their 5th B-days on 10.4.
Litter F celebrated their 4th B-days on 21.4.
Litter A of our one and only collie celbrated their first B-day on 26.4.

Litter "D" celebrates 5th birthday.

Da Vinci Dorado Blanco "Oslo"

 Diaquiri Dorado Blanco "Kira"

 Dancing Queen Dorado Blanco "Kvinka"

 D´Artagnan Dorado Blanco "Archi"


Davis Cup Dorado Blanco "Davi"

Discovery Dorado Blanco "Seppo"

Disney World Dorado Blanco "Monty"

Dolce Víta Dorado Blanco "Amy"

Dollar Dorado Blanco "Dasty"

Litter "F" 4 years old.

 Fanta Bubbles Dorado Blanco

Femme Fatale Dorado Blanco "Amber"

Ferrero Rocher Dorado Blanco "Rocky"

Fighting Hero Dorado Blanco "Nik"

Forrest Gump Dorado Blanco "Amigo"

Frappuccino Dorado Blanco "Charlie"

Litter "A" of our Collie breeding Aisha Dorado Blanco celebrates 1st birthday.

Angel Dorado Blanco


Amor Dorado Blanco

23.4.2020 - Our little sickie

Rusty nail penetrated Dobby´s paw and he had go to surgery. The paw was cleaned and now we have to keep him calm for recovery. 

20.3.2020 - Back to the water

We had to come back to Ovčáry to enjoy sunny day.

14.3.2020 - First time in water

Nice weather outside invited us to visit the lake nearby  and let the dogs enjoy the water. 


1.3.2020 - Training with Dobby
Trainign season begins.

29.2.2020 - International Dog Show in Graz (A)

Dobby´s first show not in junior class and his first show in Austria. Hungarian judge Mrs. Judit Bekke liked Dobby and honored him with title CACA.

Dobby (Dumbledore Maybe Angels) EX1, CACA

28.-29.2.2020 - Trip and Dog Show in Austria

What a lovely weekend! We enjoyed visiting Český Krumlov with Dobby in tourist-free city because of coronavirus restrictions. Funny to have all the beuaty for ourselves.

Next day we attended Dog Show in Graz, enjoyed the walk in Graz and snow in Alpen.


8.2.2020 - Trip to Špindlerův Mlýn

Hunting the snow this weekend with Česinka and Ginny. Both girls enjoyed the snow for 100%.

Ginny wanted to swim in frozen river


2.2.2020 - Meggie

Our beloved Meggie is about to celebrate her anniversary in 3 months. Time runs so fast...

22.1.2020 - Handling Workshop

Few requests to me and my friend Lucie Hanyková asking for handling training turned to our Handling Worksop in Prague.

Lectors: Lenka Nokič & Lucie Hanyková


11.1.2020 - National Dog Show Brno

Our first show of the year. Rocky in Veteran Class and Imagine Dragon Dorado Blanco from Litter "I" in Junior Class. 

Imagine Dragon Dorado Blanco - Junior Class - EX2

Bonett Bride to Dorado Blanco "Rocky" - Veteran Class - EX1, BOV


Two other Dorado Blanco offsprings were attending the show: Melody (Enjoy the Life Dorado Blanco) and Charlie (Frappuccino Dorado Blanco). Both very succesfull, Melody EX1 CAC and Charlie EX4.

Enjoy the Life Dorado Blanco "Melody" - Champion Class, EX1 CAC

 Archie (D´Artagnan Dorado Blanco) came to say hello and because he lives in Brno the journey was pretty short. So happy to see him again. 4 years old cool dog with great nature.

1.1.2020 - New year walk

Visiting wonderful castle Bezděz was really great idea for New Year!

Ginny and Meggie