Litter "A"

Away from Atlanta "Týna"                  Away from Brooklyn "Brook"                       Away from Sophia "Sofie"

Away from Santiago "Sanchez"              Away from Memphis "Memphis"              Away from Portland "Andy"

Away from Manhattan "Benji"                  Away from Richmond "Ray"

  • Born: 23.4.2008
  • HD A/A, ED 0/0
  • Eyes: PRA DNA Clear

We fell in love with Flopy last year, when we saw him on Czech Club show. When we went to Hungary to pick up our Rocky, we could watch Flopy in his home environment. Flopy is very special dog! He has amazing balanced character, he is very friendly to all people and other dogs and he has great temperament. He has wonderful masculine head and wonderful strong body, significant chest, perfect front and back angulation. All health results are great, BVA tests are 4/3 and elbows are zero, DNA eyes test are clear.


  • Born 10.5.2010
  • HD A/A, ED 0/0
  • Eyes: PRA Clear

Meggie is a female Angel with a Devil's coat on. At the first sight she appears to be very calm, she is very friendly to people and dogs, she always wants to be caressed, fondled and rubbed. Then there is the other side of Meggie, when she is very high-spirited and wild; she always needs to be the first, her movement development clearly skips the phase of walk and trot and starts straight from the sprint. Meggie has a very strong pigment! She has a strong frame, very nice head, significant chest, nice front and back angulation. Meggie is led to be a working dog too. She loves to work and train and she is really good at it. At 16 months of age she obtained her first working title and she was the winner of autumn hunting test.

After one year of age of litter "A" we received these official results of hips and elbows scoring:

Away from Atlanta Dorado Blanco "Týna" - HD 3/1, ED 0/0
Away from Brooklyn Dorado Blanco "Brook" - HD 3/3, ED 0/0
Away from Manhattan Dorado Blanco "Benji" - HD 0/0, ED 0/0
Away from Memphis Dorado Blanco "Memphis" - HD 0/0, ED 0/0
Away from Portland Dorado Blanco "Andy" - HD 0/0, ED 0/0
Away from Richmond Dorado Blanco "Ray" - HD 2/2, ED 0/0
Away from Sophia Dorado Blanco "Sofie" - HD 2/1, ED 0/0


Genetic information of Meggie and Flopy: 10-generation COI is 6,27 %!!!

MultiJch, MultiCh, Int.Ch, European Winner 2011
Bonett Bride Double Decker
JCh, Inter.Ch.
Pinkerly Never Say Never
Shardanell Castapell
Don't Worry Be Happy
MultiCh HCH, RoCh, HJCh, CZCh, CroCh
Bossa Nova De Ria Vela
Edgar de la Charola
Seven Angels de Ria Vela
Morgiana Misantos
JCh CZ, Ch CZ, GrandCh, Ch VDH
Cheek to Cheek Don Quijote de la Mancha
Mitcharron Love Bug
Cheek to Cheek Vodka Tonic
Brenda of Dream Team
Karvin Zaicca
Ordoghegyi Berni Eni Tara



Puppy Birth 1st week 2nd week 3rd week 4th week 5th week 6th week 7th week
Girl - pink 350g 750g 1110g 1710g 2560g 3280g 4360g 5040g
Boy - brown 370g 790g 1150g 1800g 2650g 3410g 4850g 5590g
Boy - blue 370g 730g 1120g 1710g 2520g 3270g 4810g 5660g
Boy - green 370g 680g 1150g 1720g 2490g 3200g 4800g 5510g
Girl - red 340g 700g 1150g 1780g 2550g 3230g 4670g 5450g
Boy - silver 420g 870g 1250g 1820g 2670g 3650g 5420g 6210g
Boy - orange 350g 760g 1150g 1890g 2750g 3690g 5330g 6230g
Girl - yellow
330g 720g 1100g 1700g 2580g 3220g 4610g 5560g

10.8.2012 - Flight departure of Memhpis to Finland

On Friday we took little Mamhpis to the airport. He was going to fly to Finland, into Karvin kennel where will be his new home. Memphis is very happy in Finland and he is getting to know other friends, p.e. rabbits :-)

Last photo of this promissing puppy before departure:

6.8.2012 - Our last puppies leaving

Today left last available puppy, our green boy Richmond. When I went to work in the morning, I didn't have any idea that it was his last night in our home. Between midday I got phone call from Mrs. Kučírková from Ždár nad Sázavou and we agreed to meet each other the same day. In the afternoon, little Ray (how he is called now) was leaving to his new home :-) It was a little bit sad for me, because Richmond touched my heart a lot by his amazing temperament and he also became a darling of my kids. However I am very happy that he became a dog of these fantastic poeple and I am sure he will be very happy with them. Mrs. Kučírková is a hunter and Ray will build up his career in the forest :-) but he will take part on dog shows too.

There are some photos of Ray before his leaving to new home:

Away from Richmond Dorado Blanco - 8 weeks

Last weekend, on 4th of August, also left our last girl puppy Tina. She is very relaxed in new home :-) Here is one photo before she left to her new home:

Away from Atlanta Dorado Blanco - 8 weeks

28.7.2012 - 7 weeks, 5 days

First puppies already left our home.

On Friday left first puppy, silver boy Sanchez, and his 6 hours trip to Germany was without any problems and he was very relaxed! He got used to his new home like he would lived there since he was born. His new friends, other four retrievers, accepted him without any problems and he has become a part of their kennel. Second who left was red girl Sofi. She left to my friend who lives only 15 minutes from us. Sofi's best friend became samoyed Bonie and bichon Cindy. Over this Sofi enjoyes sleeping together with her new owners :-)

On Saturday morning left braun boy Andy. Andy walked almost himself as he is gonna live only two streets from us. He has big garden only for himself. There is also many wonderful trees to play with ;-) After lunch left pink girl Brook. Long way to Ostrava she made great! Her new retriever friend Benny has welcomed her with big happiness and they became a nice couple.

Everybody made the first night without any problems, or more precisely... puppies made it without any problems and slept whole night, but new owners couldn't sleep and watched the puppies all the time :-)

Thank you everybody for love and care with which you welcomed the puppies in their new homes!

22.07.2012 - 6 weeks, 6 days

On Sunday my friend Magda came to help me with new standard photos of puppies. We enjoyed that very much and I am so happy to see that Meggie's puppies are really fantastic :-) Thank you Magda for help with photos :-)


Away from Atlanta Dorado Blanco "Tyna" - yellow girl

She will be part of kennel Explosive Gold in Czech, will go for dog shows but mainly she will make working training

Away from Brooklyn Dorado Blanco "Brook" - pink girl

She goes Krmelín, Czech to make a dog show and working career

Away from Sophia Dorado Blanco "Sofi" - red girl

Stays in co-ownership of Dorado Blanco kennel, will participate on dog shows and will trained regularly

Away from Santiago Dorado Blanco "Sanchez" - silver boy

Travels to Germany to fantastic breeder Susanne Wastermann to participate on dog shows and make work training

Away from Memphis Dorado Blanco - orange boy

Travels to Finish kennel Karvin, he will participate in dog shows and will go for regular working training

Away from Portland Dorado Blanco "Andy" - braun boy

New owners plan regular working training and also dog shows, he will live 300m from us in Bašť, CZ

Away from Manhattan Dorado Blanco "Benji" - blue boy

Goes near to Mladá Boleslav CZ, new owners plan dog shows career and work training

Away from Richmond Dorado Blanco - green boy (available)

available :-)

20.07.2012 - 6,5 weeks

In one week puppies are going to leave us to their new homes. At the beginning I was sure it will be easy for me, but how time runs and their leave is coming, I am very sad. On Tuesday we go for vaccination, chips and passports. I am sure I chose for our babies fantastic new homes and loving owners. Extra bonus is that all of them are going to attend to working training and also dog shows. I am very happy about that!

18.07.2012 - 6 weeks, 2 days

We have passed great weekend full of visitors. We met future owners of little Brook (pink girl), little Sanchez (silver boy), little Tina (yellow girl), little Andy (braun boy), co-owners of our little Sofi (red girl) and last but not least dear visit from Hungary, breeder Krisztina Suli :-) Krisztina and all other new owners loved puppies so much! Mainly their bear heads, strong legs and hairy coat! Krisztina helped me to make great standard photos and portraits. You can find these photos here.

09.07.2012 - 5 weeks

Puppies are already 5 weeks old and I still can not believe that they grow so fast! They are very happy and active :-) They spend a day on the garden and in the evening they go back home. They have a space in living room for themselves, around this space is a special puppy fence. However.... they started to think that the living room is big enough to have more space than we decided to give them. Last night, at 3am, I heard strange noise downstairs.... I came down and after two steps I slipped and almost fell on one of their "souvenir" left from their night expedition! I switch on the light and everything was everywere ..... toys of our kids, shoes of any different kind, the rest of some papers, leaves from our flowers and between all of this were tens of "wet and dry souvenirs" and eight happily flying puppies that their two-legged mother appeared and certainly brings another mountain of food! I cleaned the rooms (living room, kitchen, hall and toilet) next 1,5 hour and than went to sleep for another few hours. But I must say: whatever they do, I love them more and more every day :-)

02.07.2012 - Father of our puppies and his great success

Father of our 4 weeks old puppies, Bonett Bride Double Decker "Flopy", is now a guest in Brithness Golden Retriever kennel in Belgium. In local international and retriever club show won in last month the titel BOB alrady two times! Our puppies are proud of their father for sure :-)

Bonett Bride Double Decker "Flopy"

4 weeks

Today our puppies are four weeks old and we are in a half of our life together. It runs very fast and I can not imagine that I will enjoy our puppies only another 28 days. They are our darlings, happiness and joy, raplace for each the best TV program. They already play together, make monkey tricks, simply ... they are very happy puppies. Most of the time they spend at home, they are occupy already whole living room. When there is not hot outside, they are outside on our garden where they like it very much! We can see that our puppies have strong bones and big bear heads, just how I like the goldens to bee :-) In their 4 week they have already 2,5 kilos. They are very balanced litter and I am extremly happy that they are just like that!

22 days

Today, when I was playing with the puppies, one of them caught my finger and tried to drink a milk from it :-) Unfortunately the milk didn't flow out of my finger, but I realised something new.... we have teeth :-) !!!! I looked at all puppies and they all have small teeth. Well, Meggie will not be that happy, I think.

3 weeks

Today I added three new albums with photos :-) One is from 18 days of age. There is many photos of silver boy, who was the most active when puppies were outside :-) However later than I heard that there is less photos of girls, so I tried to make photos of girls as well.... You can find some of them in photogalery 20 days. And the last album, which I added today, includes many photos of orange boy, who was very active that time :-) I will try to make photos also of brown and blue boy, who don't appear on my photos very much, but I believe they are very promissing, mainly brown boy looks to have very strong bones and wonderful head!

20 days

Puppies were outside for two hours today. It was 27 degrees, but they were in a shadow. I think they like to be outside :-) Today, they got first real food :-) Mixed granula Proplan! They were excited by new taste :-D They ate it themselves like big dogs, they were really very very clever! I made some photo-documentation of their first eating, so I will add it to photogallery soon :-) You will see that they were not so dirty :-)

16 days

Puppies are doing very well! They start to sand-up on their legs and they make first steps. When they have the rest of energy, they start to play with each other, they bite their ears and they also start to snarl..... they really seem to be danger :-D. Their coats are getting colour. We already know that only one boy (with blue collar) will have white caot. The most gold are orange boy and yellow girl.

All of them already got paste again worms. They looked very strange as they wondered what it is in their mouth different than a milk :-)

12 days

Puppies already opened their eyes and they can watch a world :-) They look very cute. However, they sleep 95% of a day and we don't have a chance to enjoy their eyes very much :-)

10 days

Puppies are every day sweeter and nicer :-) They haven't open their eyes yet, but I believe it will be very very soon! Some of puppies already try to stand on their legs and they look very funny trying this. Yesterday I shorted their claws. They didn't like it very much, but it was really necessary.

Today I made some new arranged photos :-) You can click here

1 week

Puppies are already one week old. They have double weight and their coats begin to be full of hair, after whom they can be such furry :-) Todays weighing was amazing because puppies slept during it. I made few not planned photos :-) Two boys didn't sleep unfortunately and they are not on the photo :-) Maybe next time.

green boy                                                silver boy                                                 red girl

brown boy                                         yellow girl                                            pink girl

6. den života

Finally we have names for our puppies. Here they are:


Away from Brooklyn Dorado Blanco (Brook)

Away from Sophia Dorado Blanco (Sofi)

Away from Atlanta Dorado Blanco (Týna)


Away from Portland Dorado Blanco (Andy)

Away from Santiago Dorado Blanco (Sanchez)

Away from Richmond Dorado Blanco (Ray)

Away from Manhattan Dorado Blanco (Benji)

Away from Memphis Dorado Blanco (Memphis)

4th and 5th day of life

Puppies are growing just before my eyes! It is unbelievable how they have changed during five days! Yesterday, I did't have a time neither to write a diary nor to make new photos. Today I will make new pictures for sure! Girls are catching up some boys in a weight, even last yellow girl has the same weight like the others :-) Yesterday, my daughter came to me asking if we take puppies for a walk too .... well, they don't grow that fast :-) I enjoy moments when puppies are not destroying our house and a garden. However, I am sure it comes soon :-D

We have some task with future owners which is selection of important part of names. Each new owner makes a choice of this part of the name until today. It means we can present the names here on our website this evening :-)

3rd day of life

Second night was challenging again, but we are getting used to each other, so everything goes a little bit faster :-) They are very good little mouses! They don't cry at all, only when they want to eat and some of their sibling rolls over or bellow them and defends them to eat comfortly. Than they know crying very well. Today, we checked a weight again and puppies grew up very well. Their belly buttons are healed by now. Puppies start to have black pigment on their paws and noses.

2nd day of life

We have passed first day. Meggie is perfect mother and she takes care of her puppies very well. She is very careful to don't lay down on a puppy. When we come back from a walk, Meggie squeals because she doesn't know how to put her puppies close to her and she asks me for a help. Today we weight puppies first time after a birth. All puppies increased their weight, some of them only a little bit, some of them much more :-)

65th day of pregnancy

We have passed very challenging sleepless night. Meggie was running whole night out from box and back inside again. She ran on living room and breathed quickly. I thought the birth is coming, but nothing happened and I put here new update today, 65th day of pregnancy at 11.30 AM. Meggie breath is quick and she stayes in a box. She wants to go pee often and looks for some place....  I think she feels a preasure. We will inform you soon.


11:45am after long expectation it happened at last and the birth has started :-)

12:43am first girl was born and not even 5 minutes later came to life a boy. It was very fast. We didn't finish care about first girl and we had to take care of a boy. Third puppy was a boy too and he was born at 1:05 pm. Next boy was born 1:46 pm and less than one hour later there was the most expected second girl :-) Than two boys were born and in our opinion the birth was finished. Meggie became very relaxed and she fell asleep. She slept more than one hour. I took her outside to walk and pee. When we came back home, she started to have another contractions. I didn't want to believe that there is another puppy. At 5:04 pm was born third girl :-)

At 8 pm we came to a vet to check if everything is ok. X-ray confirmed that Meggie is fine and there is not any other puppy inside. We went back home and Meggie, alias happy mother, is feeding her puppies and she is very good mother :-)

I would like to thank to my friend Martina who helped me during the whole birth and also before. I would like to thank to my friend Magda who helped a lot to silver boy going out of Meggie, because he decided to have a look by his head what it is outside and the rest of body he planned to stay in Meggie.

64th day of pregnancy

Today morning Meggie ate just a little bit. Temperature at 8 o'clock in the morning is 37,1. I think we are going to an end. Meggie lies and she doesn't want to move. She even doesn't want to walk around our house. We will se.... :-)

It is 7.26 PM and Meggie goes to her box and turns around. She looks for a place for puppies. I think birh will come soon.

63rd day of pregnancy

Honestly saying.... I am loosing humour for writing all kind of smile symbols ;-)  This awaiting is worse than awaiting of my own birth. A lot of people calls, writes and asks, if "already".... and we always answer "not yet". If we knew approximately when the birth will come... one day, two days, half a day... but we know nothing. We must be patient. Yes, we will try it.

Picture from todays afternoon:

62nd day of pregnancy

We missed one day in our diary, however I think, nothing has happened. Maggie keeps her temperature on 37,8 level and she desided don't let it fall. We are already nervous and not only us, but future owners of the puppies too. But Meggie doesn't care :-) I think she got pregnant by second mating, means, she would be 60 days pregnant by now. We will see if we can expect any changes this weekend.

60th days of pregnancy

Compared to previous days was Meggie different. She slept through all day and she didn't want to get up at all. Her temperature was lower by 0,5 degrees in the morning, but after lunch it was back on 37,8 again. Maybe it was only indisposition of thermometer. Today, I prepared all for a birth to have it at disposal promptly. Now it is only up to Meggie :-)

And this is how it looked whole day:

59th day of pregnancy

It is unbelievable how time runs fast! After mating I thought how I make it to wait two months, now, we are at the end suddenly. Our sister Clara, who was mated 6 days before us, has 7 sweet puppies and she is great mother! I believe Meggie will be great mother too :-)

58th day of pregnancy

Temperature is 37,7 and Meggie is relaxed. She is eating well, but she eats slowly. Her stomach is full of puppies and the food must be stocked progresively :-) We are making small walks every eveing when it is a little bit colder outside. During the day she is hiden at home to get cool.

57th day of pregnancy

Finally we made few photos of pregnant Meggie. However, I have a feeling that her big stomach is not seen very well on the photo :-)

56th day of pregnancy

Today Meggie stayed at home with my friend and we went for a dog show in Litoměřice. Meggie has already a big stomach :-) We are going to make her a photo during this weekend.

55th day of pregnancy

Meggie visited her vet to check if puppies are fine. Vet made an ultrasound and we saw a stomach full of puppies and heart's beating. It was a wonderful experience! Based on vet's opinion we can expect seven or eight puppies. We are very curious :-) Meggie takes care on herself and she rests a lot.

54th day of pregnancy

From the beginning of confirmation of pregnancy by ultrasound, I was sure to make photos of Meggie every week. It is unbelievable that time runs so fast and we didn't make almost any photo!!! General reason is our move to new house. This was really very time consuming for us.

Meggie passed second Herpes vaccination this week. She feels well, however I can see during these hot weather, that her stomach is too heavy for her.

Her temperature holds on 37,9 - 38,0 degrees. She is getting used to her birth box in new room. Meggie has there the box and I have there a bed. We will share the room together for sime time :-)