News 2014



7.12.2014 - Zarja got her first CWC titel in Poland

Many thanks to my friend Magda Němcová who took care of my Zarja and presented her on national dog show in Poland! I was so happy to get the results they achieved together!!! - Excellent 1 + CWC titel!

Thank you very much Magda :-)



6.12.2014 - Jessica and Rocky have 5 puppies

Jessica z Dražovského hájku gave birth to 4 bitches and 1 boy. They were very strong and big puppies, their weight was between 465g to 554g :-) Jessica is fine and all puppies are fine as well. More information you can find on

Furst two photos from birh box :-)


29. - 30.11.2014 - DUOCACIB Nitra (SK)

This weekend I have spent in Slovakian Nitra. I took Zarja for the show and entered her to intermediate class. Both days we got Excellent 3 judgement. First day by judge Mrs. Märki Casanova Beatrix, second day from Czech judge Zdenka Jílková.

I was very sad about organisation of the show. We didnt get a paper judgement any of these days and especially Saturday's judgement was terrible, when intermediate class was judged by two minutes. Due to that I decided not to participate on next dog show in Slovakia in January.

Thank you for this wonderful photo to Magdalena Němcová :-)


16.11.2014 - Visit of Rocky's puppies in Kennel Z Velké pevnosti

I visited puppies of Rocky and Kayla. They were very happy to get new toys from me and my kids :-)


14.11.2014 - Visit of Rocky's puppies in kennel Pražský klenot

I visited Pražský klenot were was born 11 puppies from Rocky and Dorotka. I must say that they look really lovely! It was hard to not take one of them with me :-)


10.11.2014 - Jessica z Dražovského hájku is pregnant

I am very happy :-) Today I got a message that this wonderful bitch is pregnant with our Rocky. Puppies should be born first week in December. I keep my fingers crossed :-)


9.11.2014 - Wonderful kids of Rocky and Chanel


Rhapsody Misantos "Riky" with father Rocky


Ravel Misantos "Harry"


Ruby Misantos


1.-2.11.2014 - DUOCACIB Prag

Great weekend I spent with Zarja and Rocky on Prag dog show!

On Saturday I was supported by my both daughters Sabrina and Laila :-) This day I entered only Zarja and she was placed first in intermediate class and got her first CAC titel :-)


Zarja in intermediate class, Exc1 CAC


On Sunday Zarja and Rocky were judged by very strict judge Hans Rosenberg from Sweden. There was so many "Very Good" judgements and not occasionally Very Good 1. Only few dogs got a titel with first place. Due to that I was more than happy to get a titel with Rocky, who got in champion class titel CAC and CACIB! Zarja was liked by the judge as well and got res CAC titel :-) Wonderful results of this day! :-)


Rocky in champion class, Exc1 CAC + CACIB


Zarja in intermediate class, Exc2 res CAC


28.10.2014 - Caramella has a new family

Caramella spent with us few days and her new family is here :-) Today she was picked up by very sweet family from Prag. They already had one golden retriever in the past, but he crossed over the rainbow bridge in 13 year of age.

Caramella got a new name "Megi" (like her grandmother in our kennel). Megi's family wants to make canistherapy with her and I am very about it :-)

 Here with the youngest member of her new family:

26.10.2014 - EUROPEAN DOG SHOW 2014

I spend a great weekend on European dog show in Brno!

For the beginning of this weekend I have chosen penzion in Lednice village. It was wonderful to see the castle there!! And over that I have met there Zarja's breeder Ekaterina Moshkovskaya from Moscow and we enjoyed a walk in the park very much :-)

For EDS I have entered Zarja in intermediate class, where was 25 bitches in total and she was Excellent. Rocky was entered in champion class, where was 23 dogs together and was shortlisted in top 10.

I was very happy about European dog show titel for Zarja's ather Ashbury Highlander! Congratulations Tatjana! :-)


Here are some photos from the weekend :-)





23.10.2014 - Caramella Dorado Blanco is looking for new family

Caramella is back in our kennel. Her new owners changed their mind and Caramella is looking for her new family. She is relaxed bitch with great temperament.

Caramella was born on 17th of August 2014


21.10.2014 - Brave Lady Dorado Blanco - Lara

Dear Lara, I wish you happy first birthday, strong health in next years and many happy moments with your beloved family!  :-)



15.10.2014 - New photos of litter C

I am getting new photos of puppies and I am very happy about it! Thank you everybody to send me news about them :-)


Carte D'Or - Benny


Coca-Cola - Connie


Cornflakes - Cony


Cornetto - Corni


Cranberry - Ebi




9.10.2014 - 9 puppies were born to Rocky and Maja

Another puppies were born :-) Maja gave a birth to nigh strong puppies! Seven boys and two girls. Maja was tired after a birth but now she is full of power again and takes care of all puppies very well :-) Be strong Maja! I keep my fingers crossed! :-)


9.10.2014 - Cous-cous Dorado Blanco alias Charlie

We had a wonderful visit by "our" puppy Cous-cous. His new name is Charlie :-) During few day when we have not seen him, he grew so much, he is more wonderful every next day :-) I am very happy we could have seen him!!!

Some photos of Charlie and his new family :-)


5.10.2014 - 11 puppies were born to Rocky and Dorotka

On 5th October Dorotka Pražský klenot gave a birth to eleven wonderful puppies, six girls and five boys. All of them are doig well together with their mother. She takes care of puppies great! Congratulations Nada and good luck in next weeks!!! :-)


6.10.2014 - Puppies left our kennel

All puppies from litter C are with new familes. We miss them a lot. I wish them a long happy life!!!!

Some photos when they were all together :-)



15.9.2014 - Rocky a Kayla are expecting puppies

The pregnency confirmed Kayla Gold Rebecca, lovely bitch with light gold coat :-) Puppies should be born in second October's week. We keep the fingers crossed :-)

They are really good couple..... ;-)

                              Kayla                                                                                 Rocky




29.8.2014 - Zarja passed basic working tests

We enjoyed nice 5 days on dog training holiday :-) I travelled with my daughters together with Zarja and Meggie. They both enjoyed wirking training every day. At the end of our short vacation Zarja succesfuly passed basic working tests! :-) I am rvery happy!!!

Some photos from training:

Volente Deo Princess and the Pea "Zarja"


Morgiana Misantos "U" - Meggie



25.8.2014 - Rocky & Dorotka are expecting puppies

I have received great message from breeder Naďa! Dorotka Pražský klenot is pregnant! Puppies should be born at the beginning of October. I am very happy and keep my fingers crossed!! :-)

Dorotka Pražský klenot


16.8.2014 - Brook got already second titel CWC!

It seems to be impossible to have so many success in working examinations and mix it together with success in the show in really shot time! But they really make it !!! :-) Brook has a second Polish CWC titel and only one remains to get a Champion titel! Many many congratulations :-)


17.8.2014 - Litter "C" has born :-)

Puppies of Sofie and Irby (Away from Sophia Dorado Blanco & Egoiste du Bois de la Rayere) are here! :-)

Sofie gave birth to ten puppies, seven boys and three girls. Unfortunately one boy was born already without any signs of life and although my friend Magda tried to bring him alife for a long time, we lost him. Another eight puppies looked very well, but few hours after birth another boy was fading very quickly. It looks like he got too much amniotic fluid during the birth. After 22 hours fighting to save him I lost :-(

After all of this we have eight wonderful puppies, interested in food very very much :-) Sofie is super mother and takes care of them great!

If you are interested to know more about puppies, their weight or names, clik on "puppies".


8. - 16.8.2014 - Lara arrived to spend a week with us

Owners of Lara left for a week holiday and she arrived to spend a week with us :-) She was very happy here and she enjoyed it very much! Lara was excited to find as creazy dog as herself... Zarja :-) They become really good friends in a few seconds and their friendship full of crazy games took whole week.

Here some photos of Lara during her "holiday" at our place....





16.8.2014 - The birth of litter C is close

Sofi's temperature getting lower. She is a little bit nervous and can not sleep. I think the birth will come in two - three days. I hope everything will be ok!!!

Here are some pictures a week ago.... Sofie loves spending a time on the sun :-)




2.-3.8.2014 - Brook on two days hunting tests

Another perfect work of Brook and her owner Naty!

On Saturday August 2nd, Brook worked really perfect and with full number of point she got titel res CACT. Second day, Sanday 3rd, in really hot weather,she passed higher level examination with great judgement! She got full number of points in all disciplines instead of one. Big contratulations to Brook and Naty! They really make a great job together! Recpect how Brook works in her young age!

20.7.2014 - Chanel and Rocky have puppies

Eight puppies (7 boys and 1 girl) were born in Misantos kennel. Mother Chanel is ok and she takes care of her puppies very well.

The weight of a girl was 380g, boys were between 420 and 540g, so very big and strong boys :-) We already know their names... Girl's name is Ruby and boys are Rocky (the first born after his father :-)), Reebok, Ravel, Rainbow, Rhapsody, Ricky-Ticky-Tavi and Ringo Star.

Reservation can be made via our kennel or directly in Misantos -

And here is one photo from birth box:


13.7.2014 - Litter "C"

On Saturday arrived to our home Zdenka Svorenova with ultrasound. Sofie feels nervous in veterinary and I didn't want to stress her. We have seen at least four puppies in her stomach and we are looking to their birth in middle of August.

Thank you Zdenka that you were so kind to come here!



13.7.2014 - Brook on water hunting tests

Brook and her owner Naty participated on another working tests. This time it was special water test and Brook worked really perfect again! I am really proud of her and many thanks to Naty for making Brook so happy!


2.7.2014 - Rocky & Tequila have 7 puppies :-)

On Wednesday seven puppies have been born to Tequila and Rocky, four girls and three boys. Their coat colour is from cream to gold. Their mother takes care of them very well. When they grow a little bit, we are going to visit them :-)



28. - 29.6.2014 - DERBY 2014

Meggie pased very high level working tests with great success!

We were nominated to this examination called DEBRY 2014 with other 23 retrievers. It was two days working tests with disciplines on the field, in the water and in the forest. We enjoyed these test very much due to perfect atmospehere, friendly people, nice judges and wonderful nature! Meggie worked perfectly and was placed 6th from all 24 retrievers!

I am very happy about it and look forward to enjoy next working tests with Meggie very much :-)


 28. - 29.6.2014 - Brook and her other success in working

Brook and Naty passed with fantastic success another working test! I am very proud of them, they are doing really great job together!

21.6.2014 - Great news about HD and ED

On Saturday I went with Zarja and Apollo (son of Rocky) to x-ray scan of hips and elbows. Honestly saying, we all were very nervous!

To our great pleasure we got the best possible results! Both, Zarja and Apollo, have HD A/A, ED 0/0 a OCD shoulders negative.

Yipiiiiiii :-)


16.6.2014 - Pregnancy confirmed - Chanel and Rocky are expecting puppies

Puppies should be born around 15th of July :-) Keep our fingers crossed!


7.6.2014 - Birthday party

My Goldens celebrated birthday together. Between one month all of them had a birthday and I decided to make a celebration for all together :-) And even cakes were not missing :-)

On the photo from left:

Meggie,born 10.5.2010 celebrated 4 years
Rocky, born 16.5.2011 celebrated 3 years
Sofe, born 4.6.2012 celebrated 2 years
Zarja, born 7.6.2013 celebrated 1 year.



4.6.2014 - Tequila and Rocky are expecting puppies

Today I got a wonderful message! Axelle z Neřežínského lesa "Tequilka" and Rocky will have puppies. They should be born around 3th of July. Can't wait to see them :-)


31.5. – 1.6.2014 – Retrieve Special and Club show in Konopiště

This weekend we spent in show in Konopiste.

Zarja started in strong competitioan of junior class (totaly 14 bitches). She enjoyed to be in the ring very much and judge Sue Brown like her a lot! Zarja got Excellent 1 with CAJC. It was already 3rd CAJC and due to that she finished conditions for getting Junior Champion titel! At the end of the show Zarja got also Junior BOB :-) Fantastic!!!

On Sunday Zarja scored again! :-) With judge Penny Gowland she got the CAJC title again and finished the show again with Junior BOB!


Rocky participated in working class (7 dogs Saturday, 6 dogs Sunday). On Saturday Rocky got Excellent 3 and on Sunday Excellent 4. The best prize for Rocky was swimming in nice local river at the end of the show! :-)


Apollo Goldymate, son of Rocky participated on the show as well for both days. In strong junior class (Saturday 14 dogs, Sunday 9 dogs) got wonderful judging! On Saturday Excellent and on Sunday Excellent 3!

29.5.2014 – GRCN club show in Holland

Rocky passed very long journey with his breeder Krisztina Sulli. He travelled from Austria to Holland to join very famous GRCN show on Thursday. Rocky got nice judging Excellent 3 :-) After very long journey back I picked him up in Regensburg and we are going to join two days club show in Czech in two days. I hope he will not be tired very much :-)

Thank you Krisztina for taking care of Rocky and great presentation in Holland with wonderful result :-)


25.5.2014 - Away from Brooklyn na podzimních zkouškách

Very precise work of Naty and Brook are showing fantastic results! On autumn hunting tests Brook obtained full number of points and got titul rec CACT! I am so happy about this wonderful result! Naty and Brook deserve is very much! Thank you Naty for such fantastic presenation of Brook!

18.5.2014 - National show Bytom (PL) - Brook got CWC titel :-)

Away from Brooklyn Dorado Blanco participated on dog show in Poland with wonderful result!!! Brook got CWC titel and she becomes expectant of Champion titel in Poland :-) Over that she became The Best working dog! I am really happy with you, Naty and Brook :-) Big congratulations to both of you!!!!

18.5.2014 - Sofie on basic working examination "OVVR"

In the middle of May I took part in dog training weekend. It was so rainy weekend I ever remember to spend outside! But due to fantastic group of people, good mood and wonderful experienes, we enjoyed this weekend very much! At the end of this small holiday, me and Sofie participated on basic working examination. To my great pleasure Sofie passed this exam with full number of points! :-)

10.-11.5.2014 - Club show KCHLS Humpolec (CZ)

For this weekend I planned a show for Rocky and Zarja long time ago. But plans change sometimes... on Sunday my daughter had a dance competition, so I was not able to participate on the show! Due to big support of my friends Magda Němcová and Zdeňska Svoreňová, who took care about transport, daily care and handling my dogs, Rocky and Zarja could participated on the show with them! Thank you very much both of you!!!! You were really fantastic! :-)

On Saturday was Rocky in working class. There were 10 entered dogs in total. Judging of Mr. Bob Lane (UK) was very strict. It was a big challenge to get "Excellent" from him. Therefore I was really very happy when Rocky was placed on 3rd place!


Zarja was in junior class where participated 13 bitches, big competition! Zarja was judged by Mrs. Sandy Lane (UK) and was placed on wonderful 4th place! :-)



In the afternoon Rocky and Zarja participated on junior handling competition. My daughter Laila handled Rocky and they were really nice couple together! Zarja was handled by her friend Petr, they looked nice together too :-)

On Saturday, due to fantastic help of Magda and Zdeňka, both Rocky and Zarja, got wonderful 2nd place! :-)

3.5.2014 - Krajowa wystawa psów rasy Golden Retriever -Swierklaniec (PL)

Away from Brooklyn Dorado Blanco participated on the show in Poland and she got wonderful 4th place in working class! Congratulations Naty for presentation of Meggie's daughter! I admire your energy to be almost every day on dog working training and also participate on the show in Poland! Wow!!! :-)



3.5.2014 - International show Prag - Qualification on Crufts 2015

One week after show in Ceske Budejovice we went for a show which is few kilometers from our home.... Prague Letňany. Judge on the show was Mr. Lovenkjaer Svend from Denmark.

The results of the show are a DREAM!!!! Rocky and Zarja have qualificated on Crufts 2015 and really had a Big Day:

Bonett Bride to Dorado Blanco "Rocky", Exc 1, CAC, CACIB a BOB. Rocky finished conditions for Interchampion titel! :-)


Volente Deo Princess and the Pea "Zarja", Exc 1, CAJC & BOJ.... Zarja enjoyed to be in the ring, she is a real show dog :-)

On the show participated also two of our offspring.... one from Rocky and one from Meggie.

It was first dog show for Brave Lady Dorado Blanco "Lara" (Áres Flores Vitae x Morgiana Misantos "Meggie"). In age of 6 months she become a winner of puppy class :-) I am very proud of her! She is really a nice bitch!

Second of our offspring Apollo Goldymate (Bonett Bride to Dorado Blanco x Bibianka Zlatá kudrnka) got also fantastic judging! In very strong junior class (12 dogs) he was Exc 2! Great :-)

Many thanks to Magda Němcová and Lukáš Beránek for such nice photos!!!


26.4.2014 - International show České Budějovice (CZ)

Todays show in Budějovice was very successful for us!

Bonett Bride to Dorado Blanco "Rocky", Exc1, CAC & res. CACIB. Rocky finished his Czech Champion titel! I am soooo happy! :-)

Volente Deo Princess and the Pea "Zarja", Exc1, CAJC & BOJ... Zarja was in junior class for the first time in Czech. Now have first CAJC for Czech Junior Champion titel, we will try to get another too ;-)

Away from Sophia Dorado Blanco also participated on this show. Sofi got very good 3, but we are not sad :-) Next time it will be better, maybe when she is in coat again :-)

And last but not least Apollo Goldymate - son of our Rocky was on the show too. He was in junior class for the first time and was placed 2nd :-) Wonderful!!!

12.4.2014 - Prokop's cup (working tests)

On Saturday we joined traditional working competition for retrievers. Prokop's cup is organised by Výcvik retrieverů Praha every year.  It was wonderful day and we enjoyed it very much :-) On this not official working tests started 65 retrievers in total and we met there many good friends!

I took it as a ladies day and I was going there with my mum, my two daughters and from my dogs group it was Zarja, Sofie and Meggie. Zarja started in junior class where was entered nine dogs in age under 1 year. Zarja was very skillful and I was very happy about her work. She got the same number of poins with another junior dog so we passed one more discipline after which Zarja became a winner of junior class.


Sofie started also in the morning, but in open class. There was entered 24 retrievers in open class. Sofie was very good and apart from one discipline, when she preferred sniffing of grass where previous dog pee :-) she worked great! With another two dogs with the same number of points she was placed on 10th - 12th place!

Meggie started in the afternoon in TOP class where was entered 18 retrievers in total. I don't know if it was hormones imbalance due to every day expecting season, or anything else (I don't want to apologize her), I was realising just after first discipline, that it will be hard time with her :-D She invented something special on each discpiline and we were placed 14th at the end. So... we have a lot to train and improve :-)


4/2014 - Away from Brooklyn Dorado Blanco

On 11th of April Brook received the certificate about canistherapy examination! I am very proud of her! Brook is really lucky to have owner such as Naty! They are fantastic couple and Naty spends a lot of time by training and working with Brook! Thank you very much Naty for that!

4/2014 - Away from Memhpis Dorado Blanco

I got wonderful photo of Memphis (Bonett Bride Double Decker x Morgiana Misantos) from Finland where he lives with Heidi in Karvin kennel. Memphis is stunning in his 22 months. I am very proud of him!

30.3.2014 - Brave Lady Dorado Blanco visiting us :-)

Lara arrived to visit us for the first time since she left our kennel as a two months old puppy. Lara is puppy from our litter B (Áres Flores Vitae x Morgiana Misantos). She is wonderful and strong bitch. At the beginning she was a little bit abashed by crazy dogs from my kennel, but she adapted soon and enjoyed paying with them :-)

Here some photos of Lara from the visit when she was 5 months old


28.-29.3.2014 - Dog show in Nitra (Slovakia)

Already at the beginning of the year we were discussing with my friend Lenka Formanová (Apraxia Felon) about Nitra dog show. Lenka's bitch Clara (Malorca Misantos) needed one last CAC from Slovakia to finish her titel Slovakian Champion. Finaly we decided to go :-) I have entered Zarja to junior class for the first time.

First day me and Zarja had really bad luck. One whole side of the ring was on top of canal iron covers and they made really big noise! I am sorry that organisator was not taking care about this, because there was a lot of space around and whole ring could have been moved one meter aside and there was no canal at all! There were some dogs who were scared to run on top of this canal corridor including Zarja. Judge really wanted to give Zarja first, but due to her moving it was not possible... so we were second.

Second day retrievers had the ring in different hall, lucky there was not canal in the ring anymore :-) There were really nice bitches in our class, each of them different type, so it was really exciting... and we did it! Zarja was first and got her first titel CAJC, I was really happy and Lenka with me :-)
Finaly there was competition for BOB and BOS titel between juniors, CACIB and veterans. BOB titel got wonderful male dog Dewmist Hope of Harlequin and Zarja was second with titel BOS! It was just fantastic! :-)



And last but not least Clara won both days in Nitra and got 2x CAC. She finished her titel Champion of Slovakia :-) Big congratulations to Lenka! I look forward to another adventure together! :-) 

And here are few low quality photos from my mobile illustrating how Clara and Zarja enjoyed their trip to Nitra ;) :-)



23.2.2014 - DUOCACIB Brno

The show was very successful and in a way also very special, as Zarja met there her father and his onwer Tatjana Sokolova from Russia. She helped me a lot with grooming of Zarja! Many thanks Tanja... Zarja changed from polar bear to wonderful golden in great show condition! :-)

To my great pleassure Zarja enjoyed to be in the ring! She was not nervous and she presented herself like a real proffessional. Judge loved Zarja very much and Zarja was first from seven bitches! Great! :-)



The ring was very small and there was not many chances to run. Maybe it was the reason why dogs were not running in the ring during judging and could not present themselves in the movement. The same with class of Rocky. We were five in the ring and Rocky was second with titel res CAC :-)


There was also Apollo Goldymate - son of Rocky on the show. Also he was very successful and was placed first in puppy class :-)


And finaly I would like to share my pleasure about sister of my Meggie! Clara (Malorca Misantos) won in working class, got titel CAC and finished a titel Czech Champion! Biiiiig congratulations to Lenka a Clara! I am very happy :-)

Clara look great like this: :-)



14.2.2014 - Fehova Wintershow Budapest

On Thurstady I participated with Rocky on Budapest's dog show. We already had three CAC from Hungary from the past and we needed last one from different season, so I decided to try it now. Wintershow Fehova was four days show, but becuase of my family I could stay only one day, so... lets risk it. I have chosen Thuersday when my kids are in school and kinderkarten, so it is the simplest for all of us :-)

We arrived to show with big time reserve. I realised that there are four dogs in our working group, it was very thrilling for me. Judging has started with 45min delay and my adrenalin was growing higher. Finally... result was the best as it could be!

Rocky got a title CAC, CACIB and finally also BOB. I was (and I still am) very very happy! We decided to stay until afternoon's competition and long waiting was worthy. Rocky was placed first in competition BOG! This unbelievable pleasure and happiness will stay with me for a while! It was one wonderful day!


We are waiting for afternoon's competition, so let's make some photo.... even it is only from my phone :-) 


 Afternoon's competition BIS





13.2.2014 - Rockyho výsledky PRA1 & PRA2

On Wednesday, before my leaving to Hungarian's dog show, I got wonderful news! Bonett Bride to Dorado Blanco "Rocky" is CLEAR of progressive retinal atrophy (PRA1 & PRA2). I am soooo happy!!! :-)




18.1.2014 - Wintershow Trenčín (Slovakia)

On Saturday we went to wintershow with Lenka Formanová (CHS Apraxia Felon). After four hours long journey in a mist we arrived to chock full hall. There was not even a space to take a dog out of a box to groom him! It was one of the worst show I have ever seen.

Regardless the space and organisation, the show was very succesful for me and my friend Lenka:

Bonett Bride To Dorado Blanco "Rocky" - V1 CAC
Away from Sophia Dorado Blanco "Sofi" - V2 bez titulu
Mallorca Misantos "Clara" - V2 res CAC


Bonett Bride to Dorado Blanco "Rocky"

Away from Sophia Dorado Blanco "Sofie"


7.1.2014 - Sofie is back

On Tuesday Sofie arrived back to our home. She was beloved in Misantos kennel, they made her to be a wonderful bitch, she was prepared for hunting tests by them, however... due to frequent conflits with other bitch she could not stay there. Tonda, Ivana, don't be sad!

When Sofie arrived, she recognized her mother Meggie even they haven't seen each other for a 6 months. They joyfully welcomed each other since a first moment. Now they sleep together and they become a very good couple. Sofie is also ok with other part of our kennel, she just is not interested in playing with Rocky and Zarja yet. Probably Meggie is enough for her at the moment :-)

They sleep together like this (left Sofie, Meggie right):


Sofie was entered by Tonda and Ivana for show in Trenčín. She will go there with me and Rocky. We need to train a little bit together, she was on her last show a year ago in Brno, when she was just a baby :-)