Litter "C"


On 17th of August 2014 were born 8 puppies (5 boys and 3 girls) to Irby & Sofie

               Caramella "Megi"                               Coca-Cola "Connie"                            Cranberry "Ebi"


          Cappuccino "Kapucinek"                          Carte D'Or "Beny"                                Cornetto "Corni"


                                                   Cornflakes "Cony"                             Couscous - Charlie


  • Born: 20.3.2009
  • HD 0/0, ED 0/0

Irby is a dog imported from France from one of the most famous kennels in Europe - Bois de la Rayere. Irby lives in Czech in kennel Misantos. I met Irby four years ago when I arrived to Misantos to take my first golden girl Meggie :-) and with breeders we become friends very quickly. When I saw Irby for the first time, I was interested in him since the first moment! He is just real man! Very strong body, significant masculine head, deep chest and he is very well angulated. During the year 2011 I started to handle Irby on dog shows and we reached great results together. Irby is very friendly dog who loves to be spoiled... just golden as it should be :-)


  • Born: 4.6.2012
  • HD 1/2, ED 0/0

Sofie is extremly friendly bitch, she loves hugging and cuddling :-) She lives in our kennel with her mother Meggie. Sofie has very strong working ability, she loves working and hunting very much! Sofie has lightly gold coat and very strong black pigment.





Ch CZ, Egoiste du Bois de la Rayere

CH FR, CH Lux O'Connor du Bois de la Rayere

Beeangee Jumping Jack Flash

L'Eau D'Issey du Bois de la Ryere

CH FR Versace du Bois de la Rayere

Twenty Seven Charm du Domaine des Rives de l'Erdre
Tommy Girl du Bois de la Rayere


Away from Sophia Dorado Blanco


MultiCH, Multi JCh, InterCH, European Winner 2011 Bonett Bride Double Decker
Pinkerly Never Say Never
Bossa Nova de Ria Vela

Ch CZ, Ch SK, Morgiana Misantos "U"
Cheek to Cheek Don Quijote de la Mancha
Brenda of Dream Team


 Weight of puppies

Puppy Name     Born   
Week 1
 Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Boy blue
CORNETTO 430g 820g  1200g  1770g  2590g  3520g  4710g
Boy green
CORNFLAKES 420g 860g  1250g  1720g  2560g  3510g  4610g
Girl pink
CARAMELLA 320g 690g  1070g  1540g  2310g  3300g  4470g
Girl yellow
CRANBERRY 270g 660g  1060g  1550g  2210g  3200g  4320g
Boy silver
CARTE D'OR 350g 740g  1100g  1590g  2580g  3550g  4820g
Boy braun
CAPPUCCINO 370g 730g  1140g  1560g  2240g  3290g  4420g
Girl red
COCA-COLA 470g 860g  1170g  1660g  2380g  3250g  4410g
Boy orange
COUSCOUS 360g 740g  1130g  1720g  2520g  3670g  4990g




28.10.2014 - Caramella has new family

Caramella spent one week with us when her previous owner brought her back. Today arrived to pick her up one wonderful family. They already had one golden retriever in the past, but in age of 13 years he passed behind the rainbow bridge.

Caramella got a new name "Megi" :-) Her new owners have plan to make canisterapeutic tests with her, what makes me really happy :-)

Here is the photo with the youngest member of the family :-)

6.10.2014 - All puppies left our kennel

All puppies from litter C are with new familes. We miss them a lot. I wish you long happy life, my sweeties!!!!

Here are some photos when they were all together :-)


Here are the photos before puppies left:



Cranberry - yellow girl / Ebi left to Hradešín close to Prague



Coca-Cola - red girl / Connie left to Jiříkov close to Rumburk



Cornetto - blue boy / Corni left to Občov close to Příbram



Cornflakes - green boy / Cony left to Velehradu close to Uherského Hradiště



Carte D'Or- silver boy / Beny left to Davle on south of Prague



Cous-cous- orange boy / Charlie left to Byškovice close to us :-)


28.9.2014 - We are 6 weeks old

Only one week remains for us to stay together. I can not imagine to say them goodbuy. It will be very very difficult, I will miss them a lot!!

Puppies love to be outside however I take them home for night sleep as it is cold outside. They wake up at 6 am and start yelling to show me how much they want to go to garden! :-) No way.... They must wait until 9am when it is no dark anymore and temperature goes a little bit higher. I take them back home before an evening around 7pm and they are really annoyed! :-)

They really enjoy to stay outside and it looks like this when they sleep on terrace :-)

26.9.2014 - Standard pictures in age of 5 weeks + 5 days


C O U S C O U S  -  orange boy - SOLD

C A R T E  D'  O R   -  silver boy - SOLD

C O R N E T T O  -  blue boy - SOLD

C A P P U C C I N O  -  braun boy - SOLD

C O R N F L A K E S  -  green boy - SOLD

C A R A M E L L A -  pink girl - SOLD

C R A N B E R R Y -  yellow girl - SOLD

C O C A - C O L A  -  red girl - SOLD



23.9.2014 - Pictures in 5 weeks

Finally I made some new photos of puppies :-)


                  Carte D'Or - silver boy                                                   Couscous - orange boy

               Cornetto - blue boy                                                              Cappuccino - braun boy

                Cornflakes - green boy                                                           Coca-Cola - red girl

                 Caramella - pink girl                                                      Cranberry - yellow girl


Getting known other members of the kennel :-)




13.9.2014 - First time outside

Puppies will be four weeks old tomorrow. I tried to take puppies outside for the first time. Not all of them were happy about it :-) therefore they spend outside only short time. I will try it again when there is a better weather.

Here are some pictures from their stay outside....



10.9.2014 - Puppies eat granula already :-)

Puppies were not increasing their wait so much anymore, so I start to feed them once a day by granula starter and to my surprice they like it very much since the first moment! They are still not experienced in eating this way so everything around and also puppies and myself was dirty! But I am sure it will be better and better every next day :-)


7.9.2014 - We are 3 weeks old

Puppies are three weeks old already! They are very hungry all the time and I am going to start to add granula soon. It looks that milk from Sofie is not enough anymore.

Puppies are not only sleeping all the time but they start to play between each other. We are watching them instead of TV :-) It is big fun and we enjoy this time very much!

Here are some photos of each puppy. I love their heads very much!!


Cornetto Dorado Blanco - blue boy


Cornflakes Dorado Blanco - green boy


 Caramella Dorado Blanco - pink girl


Cranberry Dorado Blanco - yellow girl


Carte D'Or Dorado Blanco - silver boy


Cappuccino Dorado Blanco - braun boy


Coca-Cola Dorado Blanco - red girl


Couscous Dorado Blanco - orange boy


31.8.2014 - Puppies are two weeks old


girls ..... from left pink, yellow, red


boys from left.... green, silver, braun, orange, blue




20.8.2014 - First portraits of puppies in 3 days :-)





20.8.2014 - Some photos of feeding in 3 days


17.8. - Puppies of litter "C" are born

Puppies of Sofie and Irby (Away from Sophia Dorado Blanco & Egoiste du Bois de la Rayere) are here! :-)



16.8.2014 - The birth of litter "C" is close

Sofi's temperature getting lower. She is a little bit nervous and can not sleep. I think the birth will come in two - three days. I hope everything will be ok!!!

Here are some pictures a week ago.... Sofie loves spending a time on the sun :-)



13.7.2014 - Pregnancy confirmed

Ultrasound has confirmed that Sofie is expecting puppies. The birth is expected around 15th of August.