Litter "B"


Brave Lady Dorado Blanco "Lára" (Áres Flores Vitae x Morgiana Misantos)
nar. 21.10.2013


28.12.2014 - Lara on new years training :-)

Lara participated on new years training and I was very happy to see her again! She is very friendly to all people and all dogs around her :-) Lara is very temperament and it seems she is never tired even after four hours of walk :-D


8. - 16.8.2014 - Lara arrived to spend a week with us

Owners of Lara left for a week holiday and she arrived to spend a week with us :-) She was very happy here and she enjoyed it very much! Lara was excited to find as creazy dog as herself... Zarja :-) They become really good friends in a few seconds and their friendship full of crazy games took whole week.

Here some photos of Lara during her "holiday" at our place....



3.5.2014 - International dog show - Prag - 1st place :-)

Lara participated on her first dog show. She was not scared of rush in a hall at all. She enjoyed being in the ring and got very nice judgement by Mr. Lovenkjaer Svend from Denmark and got first place! We were really happy :-)

1.5.2014 - Lara arrived before dog show

Lara arrived to see us again. She is going to her first dog show and we had to make some trimming etc. I am very curious how she will like the show :-)

Lara and Zarja were happy to see each other :-)


30.3.2014 - Lara (5 months) arrived to visit us

At the end of March Lara arrived for a visit. She has great temperament and she enjoyed playing with my dogs very much. Lara looks really great and she is cute eared!


16.2.2014 - Lara travelling

This is the way how Lara travels in the car :-)

23.12.2013 - Lara leaving with her new family

One day before Christmas Lara left with her new family. Here are some photos before her leave.... Good luck Lara!


  Brave Lady Dorado Blanco "Lara" - 8 weeks



Week  Birth   1st
Brave Lady  430g 1090g   1850g   2450g   3040g   3900g   4900g   6050g   7000g   7950g  





  • Born: 26.3.2009
  • HD A/A, ED 0/0
  • Eyes: PRA Neg

Ares is wonderful dog who I meet on dog shows since his baby age. He has lovely and very friendly temperament and due to that he works also as a canisterapeutic dog. I love his masculine head with very sweet expression, he has wonderful strong body with significant chest. Ares is not only show dog, but he is also led as a working dog, which was important for choosing him as a stud dog too! But the most imporant factor was that Ares comes from linie with very good health, which he is giving to his progeny.



  • Born 10.5.2010
  • HD A/A, ED 0/0
  • Eyes: PRA Clear

Meggie is very active and very temperament female. She has perfect working abilities, she loves hunting, swimming and training and she is really good at it. On other side of her big temperament, she is very friendly to kids and she let them do everything with her. Meggie is succesful also on show side, she has very strong bones, very nice head, significant chest and nice front and back angulation.






Ch CZ, SK, AT CZ Winner 2011, SK Winner 2013 Ares Flores Vitae

VDH Ch, Su(u)Ch, Lux JCh, Belgian Winner 2003 Dewmist Servantes

Erinderry Gaelic Minstrel
Dewmist Shaquille

JCh SLO, Ch HU, SLO, AT, CZ, Junior winner NL Pinkerly Rain Or Shine

Team Spirit of Glen Sheallag


Ch SK Morgiana Misantos


JCh CZ, Ch CZ, VDH Ch, GrandCh Cheek to Cheek Don Quijote de la Mancha Mitcharron Love Bug
Cheek to Cheek Vodka Tonic
JCh CZ, Ch CZ Brenda of Dream Team Karvin Zaicca
Ordoghegyi Berni Eni Tara



23.12.2013 - Lara leaving to her new home

The day of Lara's leave has come. Lara leaves 70km far from us towards Kolín. We will meet her sometimes on dog training school in Prague, what makes me very happy :-) Lara's new owners are very nice people and her best friends will be 9 years old Bára :-)

Have a good life, my dear Lara!


16.12.2013 - Visit from Brno

On Monday arrived a rare visit from Brno :-) Lara was visited by her "second grandmother" Hana, owner of Lara's father Áres Flores Vitae :-) We made some photos, here they are....


2.12.2013 - Lara is already 6 weeks old

Our little Lara (Brave Lady Dorado Blanco) is already 6 weeks old. She is little devil and runs everywhere around the house and the garden. She is really lovely puppy with a great temperament :-) It will be hard to say her goodbye :-)



1.11.2013 - Lara on the garden

Lara is getting to know how it looks outside and she loves it! She tries taste of grass and admires lot of other things around :-) I think she would be happy to stay there most of the time :-)




When I decided to name our puppies "Brave", I didn't have any idea that his meaning will be so impartant in a future reality. This puppy - Brave Lady - is really brave, she stayed alive alone when an infection affected our litter. I try to believe that everything will be fine now.



Brave Lady Dorado Blanco - red girl






1.11.2013 - Puppies are opening their eyes

Puppies have 11 days today. I noticed narrow gape between their eyelids and small blinking. I look forward to see their eyes very much :-)



24.10.2013 - Puppies already have a name

Puppies already have a name. I didn't have them prepared in advance, just i case... Now I was thinking about their names for two days, deleting and creating new ones. Finaly I have them :-)


Brave Heart Dorado Blanco - green boy


Brave Brother Dorado Blanco - blue boy


Brave Lady Dorado Blanco - red girl



22.10.2013 - Puppies - 1st day

I am very happy about the puppies, I can not stop to watch those little mouses! They are very smart, basically they don't need me at all. They eat by themselves and their belly is always full. It is easy to have three puppies :-) Meggie cleans them all around. She doesn't want to leave them even for pee.

Here there is a weight of puppies after the birth and 1st day of life:



21.10.2013 - Puppies are born

On Monday Meggie gave birth to three wonderful puppies, two boys and one girl. Birth has started on 65th day of pregnancy, Meggie and puppies do very well! Few hours after birth they already have black noses and paws.

These are photos from first hours of their life:



20.10.2013 - 64th day of pregnancy

I am looking for any changes on Meggie's behavior every day! Finally it is here! Today morning she was not interested in her breakfast at all, around midday she was looking for a appropriate hole in a garden and her temperature has decreased by 0,6 degrees. Now we wait to see puppies soon, I think :-) Wish everything will be fine!



14.10.2013 -  58th day of pregnancy

I have prepared a birth box for Meggie already. She thinks it is her new bed :-) and she is not preparing for a birth yet for sure!


10.10.2013 -  54th day of pregnancy

I visited vet with Meggie to vaccinate Herpes and check her puppies. We are waiting three puppies. It is truth that Meggie's stomach is much smaller than with her last litter, so it explains it :-)