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Bonett Bride to Dorado Blanco "Rocky"


Rocky is imported dog of English and Spenish blood. He has very friendly, relaxed and peaceful temperament. Rocky has great exterior, wonderful head with male expression and significant stop, strong bones, good front and back angulation and nice golden coat. Rocky is not only a show dog. I try to lead him also as a working dog. He likes working with animals very much and although he is quite lazy dog, during training he shows a very good temperament :-)


  • Born: 16th May, 2011
  • High: 58,5 cm
  • Teeth: Full, scissor bite
  • HD, ED: HD A/A, ED 0/0
  • Health: Test PRA1 clear, PRA2 clear, PRCD clear, ICT carrier
  • Breeder: Krisztina Süli
  • Owner: Lenka Nokič


Dog Shows (baby, puppy and junior class):

Czech junior champion, Hungarian junior champion

3x VN1, 1x VN2, 1x VN
3x V2, 2x V3, 1x V4
V1 Jung.Anw. Dt.Ch.VDH, 5x V1 CAJC
5x BOJ, 3x Junior BOG1, 2x Junior Best in Show 1
1x BIG 3
3rd BEST JUNIOR on World Dog Show 2013

Dog Shows (intermediate, open, working class):


The Junior Champion of Champions RK CZ 2013, The Champion of Champions RK CZ 2013, Qualified on Crufts 2015

Expectant of German VDH Champion

16x CAC, 15x res CAC
3x CWC
1x V1 Anw. D. Ch. VDH
4x res CACIB
Národní vítěz Ml.Boleslav 2015
Oslavany Club show winner 2015
4x BOB, 1x BOS
1x BIG1, 1x BIG 2, 1x BIG3
Derby Winner 2012 in Hungary


Dog Shows (class honour, veteran):

Expectant of Czech veteran Ch

3x Exc honour class, 3x Honour Best in Show 1st
2x Exc1 veteran, 1x BOV



Year 2020

Date Show Class Results
01/2020        National show Brno                  veteran           Exc1, BOV                                      


Year 2019

Date Show Class Results
05/2019        Club show Humpolec honour Exc1, BIS honour 1st                       
05/2019 Club show Humpolec honour Exc1, BIS honour 1st
08/2019 Regional show Týn nad Vlt.       veteran           Exc1           


Year 2018

Date Show Class Results
05/2018        Club show Humpolec champion Exc2 res CAC
05/2018 Club show Humpolec champion Exc1 CAC 
05/2018 Club show Chlumec n.Cidl.       champion         Exc3                           
08/2018       Club show Třeboň           honour Exc1, BIS honour 1st                      


Year 2017

Date Show Class Results
01/2017         National show Brno  champion Exc2 res CAC
05/2017  Club show Humpolec              champion          Exc2 res CAC                                
08/2017 MVP Mladá Boleslav šampionů Exc1 CAC                                      


Year 2016

Date Show Class Results
02/2016         DUOCACIB Brno  working Exc2 res CAC (6) 
03/2016  MVP Zielona Gora (PL)            champion          Exc1 CWC (4), CACIB, BOS
04/2016  NV Wroclaw (PL) working Exc1 CWC (1)
04/2016 MVP Praha champion Exc3 (5)
05/2016 Club show Humpolec   champion Exc (12)
05/2015 Club show Humpolec champion Exc1 CAC (12)                               
06/2016 Club show Konopiště champion Exc3 (10)
10/2016 MVP České Budějovice champion Exc2 res CAC, res CACIB                

  Year 2015

Date Show Class Results
02/2015         DUOCACIB Brno champion          Exc (7) 
05/2015  MVP Rzeszowie (PL)               working Exc1 CWC (3), Best working dog     
05/2015  Club show Konopiště    champion Exc3 (7)
06/2015 NV Nitra (SK) working Exc1 CAC (2)
07/2015 NV Mladá Boleslav champion Exc1 CAC (7), National winner
07/2015 MVP Czestochowa (PL) working Exc2 (2)                                        
07/2015 Club show Horka champion Exc1 CAC (6)
09/2015 Club show Oslavany champion Exc1 CAC (8), Best Male
Oslavany Winner
11/2015 International show Praha open V4 (7)                                          

 Year 2014

Date Show  Class Results
01/2014         MVP Trenčín (SK) working             V1 CAC (3) 
02/2014  MVP Budapešť (HU)               working Exc1 CAC (4), CACIB, BOB, BIG1      
02/2014  DUOCACIB Brno working Exc2 res CAC (5)
04/2014 MVP České Budějovice working Exc1 CAC (1)
04/2014 MVP Praha open Exc1 CAC, CACIB, BOB
nomination Crufts 2015 
05/2014 Club show Humpolec working Exc3 (10)                                        
05/2014 Club show Humpolec working Exc2 res CAC (10)
06/2014 Club show Konopiště working Exc3 (7)
06/2014 Club show Konopiště working Exc4 (6)
08/2014 MVP Mladá Boleslav champion Exc4 (5)
11/2014 DUOCACIB Praha champion Exc1 CAC (8), CACIB


Year 2013

Date Show Class Results
02/2013         DUOCACIB Brno    intermediate    Exc (9)                                            
02/2013  DUOCACIB Brno                     intermediate VG (9) 
02/2013  MVP Nitra (SK) intermediate Exc2 res CAC
02/2012 MVP Nitra (SK) intermediate Exc2 res CAC
04/2013 MVP Dresden (DE) open Exc1 Anw.Dt.CH. VDH 
04/2013 Club show Humpolec intermediate Exc1                                                
04/2013 MVP Praha intermediate Exc1 CAC, res CACIB
04/2013 World Dog Show Budapest open Exc v best TOP10 (37!!!)
06/2013 Klubová výstava Konopiště Club champion Junior šampion šampionů RK 2013
Šampion šampionů RK CZ 2013
07/2013 MVP Mladá Boleslav open Exc4 (11)
09/2013 Klubová výstava Oslavany open Exc2 res CAC (7)
11/2013 DUOCACIB Nitra (SK) open Exc2 res CAC
11/2013 DUOCACIB Nitra (SK) open Exc4


Year 2012

Date Show Class               Results
02/2012         DUOCACIB Brno    puppy VP1 (8) 
02/2012  DUOCACIB Brno                    puppy VP1 (8) 
03/2012  MVP Nitra (SK) junior Exc4 (8) 
03/2012 MVP Nitra (SK) junior Exc2 (6)
04/2012 MVP Dresden (DE) junior Exc1, BOJ, JBIG1, JBIS 
05/2012 Club show Humpolec             junior Exc1 (15), CAJC, KV mladých, JBIS     
05/2012  Club show Humpolec  junior Exc2 (13) 
05/2012 World Dog Show Salzburg junior Exc3 (43!!!)
05/2012 MVP Litoměřice junior Exc1 (5), CAJC, BOJ, BOB, 
06/2012 Club show Konopiště junior Exc2 (18)
06/2012 Club show Konopiště junior Exc2 (13)
06/2012 MVP Brno junior Exc1 (14), CAJC, BOJ, JBIG1
08/2012 MVP Lipsko junior Exc3
08/2012 CACIB Debrecen (HU) junior Exc1 CAJC, BOJ
08/2012 CACIB Debrecen (HU) junior Exc1 CAJC, BOJ
09/2012 CACIB Székesfehérvár (HU) intermediate Exc1 CAC, CACIB
09/2012 CACIB Székesfehérvár (HU) intermediate Exc1 CAC, res CACIB
09/2012 Club show Oslavany intermediate Exc2 res CAC (11)
10/2012 Derby CACIB Komarom (HU) intermediate Exc1 CAC, res CACIB, Derby winner
Best Derby golden retriever 2012
11/2012 MVP Praha intermediate Exc2 res CAC (5)
11/2012 MVP Praha intermediate Exc2 res CAC (6)
12/2012 MVP Nitra (SK) open Exc2 res CAC (2)
12/2012 MVP Nitra (SK) open Exc3 (6)


Year 2011

Date Show Class Results
09/2011         National show Brno               baby                VP1 (1)                                              
09/2011  Club show Oslavany           baby VP2 (8) 
11/2011  MVP Praha  baby  VP (9)                                          



Working Test: 

8/2012 Retriever ability exam 206/232 points
9/2013 Water hunting tests, II.prize, 117/136 points



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